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Banquet Keynote Information

Our opening banquet for the UMRHC is Thursday, March 31st at 6pm in the Memorial Union at UND.

Here is information on our banquet speaker: Marilou McPhredron.

The University of Winnipeg Global College
515 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg MB Canada R3B 2E9

MARILOU MCPHEDRAN is an international human rights
lawyer, who was appointed Principal (dean) of Global College in 2008, having resigned as the Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to return to her alma mater, The University of Winnipeg. Born and raised in rural Manitoba, Dr. McPhedran was
made a Member of the Order of Canada (Canada’s highest civic honour) in 1985, in recognition of her co-leadership in the successful campaign for “made-in-Canada” ERA (Equal Rights Amendments) in the Canadian constitution. She co-founded several internationally recognized non-profit systemic change organizations, such as LEAF – the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, which has conducted constitutional equality test cases and interventions for 25 years. She is a pioneer in research and advocacy to promote human rights through systemic reform – in law, medicine and education. As chief executive officer of a Canadian center of excellence, she directed staff and programs including a cyber research network; she has chaired two public inquiries into the sexual abuse of patients; and she has coinvestigated and co-authored a number of research projects on systemic reform and human rights, including: the ten country pilot study to assess impact of the UN Convention on the Elimination of all
forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). As the Principal of Global College, she has launched a campaign to build the Global College Dialogue Space – a round classroom open to students and communities. She coordinates the University of Winnipeg contributions to the new joint Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies with University of Manitoba, directs the Institute for International Women’s Rights and the Global Citizenship Program with university and high school affiliates – including exchanges and team teaching with South Dakota State University and the Adventures in Global Citizenship Summer Institute with Rotary International and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Dr. McPhedran is active in the UN-based Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, is an Advisory Council member of the Antigone Foundation for young women’s leadership and is the Vice-President of the Canadian International Council – Winnipeg.


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  1. Was hoping to download the poster onto my Facebook page, but all that was available was html code. Can you put up a Facebook event?

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